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Player: Megan
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: Post-KH2 Prologue
Alignment: Piphron
Date of Entry: 08/01/2014
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» Elize Lutus
Tales of Xillia/2
Roxas's girlfriend. Probably the person Roxas is closest to in Verens. He's still figuring out how this relationship thing works but he's happy to have Elize by his side. (Has since been dropped. Roxas misses her terribly)

» Emizel
Disgaea 4
Former Roommate. Emizel was one of the first people Roxas met in Verens. Roxas considers him a friend.

» Shun Aonuma
From the New World
Another of Roxas's friends. Roxas tends to look to him for information about Arehtai.

» Lu Meng Ziming
Dynasty Warriors
An adult that has taken Roxas under his wing. While Roxas originally considered him a father figure, various events have caused their relationship to suffer. Roxas is not sure how to move forward. (Has since been dropped)

» Alice Margatroid
Touhou Project
A friend of Roxas's. He finds her a tad odd, but that is easily forgotten in their conversations

» Enoch
El-Shaddai: Ascension of Mettatron
A friend and someone Roxas feels he can talk to.
(Has since been dropped)

» Athena Cykes
Ace Attorney
A friend. Roxas appreciates her help, whether he recognizes it as therapeutic or not. (Has since been dropped)

» Rin Matsuoka
A friend. Probably one of the few people Roxas will go to advice for first. Has also taught him how to swim.
(Has since been dropped)
Rin has returned to the island, though he does not remember Roxas. Despite this, Roxas has helped him out and a friendship has begun again.
Formerly jumpstheshark

» Alvin vint Svent
Tales of Xillia
An obstacle in his and Elize's relationship. Roxas does his best to be respectful but he has a feeling Alvin doesn't like him all that much. It turns out Alvin trusts him. Roxas isn't sure how to take this information.

» Wang Yao (China)
Axis Powers Hetalia
They've talked a few times and Roxas tries to be helpful. He's rather curious. (Has since been dropped)

» Sora
Kingdom Hearts
Roxas's Other. Roxas has a lot of feelings about Sora, and not all of them positive. Since meeting his other, however, Roxas has started warming up to him, especially since they're on the same side. He's not 100% sure how to act around him.

» Riku
Kingdom Hearts
Roxas is rather wary of Riku, as their previous interactions haven't always ended well, and he wasn't too thrilled about the Digital Twilight Town. But for now, they coexist. (Has since been dropped)

» Aqua
(Kingdom Hearts)
A strange woman. She called Roxas by a different name when they met. He's not sure what to think.
Formerly followthehearts

» Riku Replica (Arden)
(Kingdom Hearts)
A replica of Riku's. Roxas doesn't quite have the whole story surrounding him and hasn't really asked. They've bonded over being others and overshadowed though, which is enough for Roxas. It's nice to have someone he can relate to, sort of.

» Usagi Tsukino
(Sailor Moon)
A cheerful girl who has befriended Roxas, largely through her friendship with Sora. She's nice, but Roxas finds her to be overwhelming sometimes.

» Atsushi Kinugawa
(Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-Bu Love! )
A slightly nerdy boy who Roxas has befriended, and will possibly be learning to cook from. He's eager to get to know him better.

» Axel
(Kingdom Hearts)
Best Friend. Easily one of the most important people to Roxas and he is so glad Axel is in Verens. It's comforting that the two of them have fallen back in step with each other.

» Donald Duck
(Kingdom Hearts)
One of Sora's companions. They haven't really had a chance to talk much.

» Kairi
(Kingdom Hearts)
One of Sora's friends from Destiny Island. Roxas is still kind of awkward around her.

» Ariel
(Disney's The Little Mermaid)
Roxas knows her from Sora's memories, though she's not quite the same Ariel. She's nice though, and Roxas has helped where he can. They're going to do a task together someday. (Has Since been Dropped)

» Princess Minnie
(Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers)
A princess trying to learn more about the world around her. Roxas does his best to help, since she is going to be queen someday. And he probably owes Mickey one.

» Nora Valkyrie
Nora is energetic and it keeps Roxas off balance. Still, she's nice and Roxas looks forward to getting to know her better.

» Weiss Schnee
She's a bit standoffish, but also seems nice. Roxas is interested in getting to know her more.

» Snow White
(Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)
Another princess that Roxas knows vaguely from Sora's memories, and even then not that well. She seems nice.

» Squall Leonhart
(Final Fantasy 8)
He lives at the house. Sora brought him home. They haven't talked much but he seems alright.

» Auron
(Final Fantasy X)
Tough fighter. Has also helped Roxas out a few times. Roxas alternately wants to know more about him and defeat him.

» Cloud Strife
(Kingdom Hearts)
Roxas knows himfrom Sora's memories. They haven't talked much but he seems cool.

» Namine
(Kingdom Hearts)
Namine tried to help him once, even if he wasn't in the best place to receive it. He's still not sure how to feel but he'll keep an eye on her regardless.

» Leon
(Kingdom Hearts)
Another person Roxas knows from Sora's memories. They haven't talked a whole lot outside of being stuck to each other when Leon first arrived. Roxas is not sure how to approach this.

» Natsume Takashi
(Natsume's Book of Friends)
Roxas finds he can relate to Natsume a lot. He hopes to continue to get to know him.

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Now it seems strange
How we used to wait for letters to arrive
But what's stranger still
Is how something so small can keep you alive

Message Box for Roxas
If you need to get a hold of him.
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Player: Megan
Contact: plurk: urbaninja, or PM to journal
Age: 24
Current Characters: N/A


Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: End of the KH2 Prologue

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sora, and he lived with his friends Riku and Kairi on the Destiny Islands. One day the Darkness took over his world, and Sora found himself alone in a strange new world. He learned there that he was able to wield a magical weapon known as the Keyblade and that it was his task to save the worlds from the Darkness. He allied with Donald Duck and Goofy Goof, travelling many worlds and going on many adventures to save the Worlds and his friends.

Sora eventually found out that the heart of his friend Kairi had been lost, and was currently within him. The only way to free it would be if he unlocked his own heart, turning himself into a creature known as a heartless. His desire to save Kairi was greater than anything else, and so Sora unlocked his heart and became a heartless. In doing this, Sora left behind a shell that is known as a Nobody, and it is this Nobody that we turn our attention to.

This Nobody awakens in a world called Twilight Town, and is found by the leader of Organization XIII, a group of nobodies who have banded together and are working towards restoring their hearts (or so they have been told). The Leader, Xemnas, gives this Nobody the name Roxas, and inducts him into the Organization, placing him under the care of another Nobody named Axel. While in the Organization, Roxas is charged with doing various missions, which usually involve recon, and eliminating heartless.

When he starts out, Roxas is very unaware of the world, going through the motions with blankness about him. As he starts to learn more of the world, and is taken under the wing of Axel, Roxas begins to develop more of a personality. His friendship with Axel grows, and the two of them agree to meet on the Clocktower in Twilight Town and share a bar of ice cream after they’ve finished their missions for the day.

After Roxas has been in the Organization for a time, the group is gathered for the introduction of a fourteenth member, a girl named Xion. Axel is sent on another mission to Castle Oblivion, and Roxas is partnered with Xion. With Roxas’s help, Xion begins to open up and the two of them develop a friendship. However, Roxas soon falls into a coma, coinciding with his other, Sora, falling asleep in his own adventures at Castle Oblivion.

When Roxas awakes, he suggests that he, Xion, and Axel spend more time together, and as a result become fast friends. At the same time, Roxas begins to develop doubts and questions regarding his connection to the keyblade, and to Sora.

The three continue to do missions and meet at the clock tower for ice cream, until Xion disappears. Roxas spends most of his time after his missions looking for her, worried about her disappearance. What Roxas doesn’t know is that Xion has found out that she is an imperfect replica of Roxas, to be used for Xemnas’s plans, and is torn between merging with the sleeping Sora in order to help restore his memories, or staying with Roxas and Axel. This conflict causes Xion to have a falling out with Roxas and Axel.

Roxas, fed up with his lack of answers from the Organization, defects in order to find them on his own, leaving behind Axel. He makes his way to Twilight Town, where he meets a reprogrammed Xion, who attempts to absorb him and thus prevent Sora from ever awakening. Roxas instead battles and defeats Xion. She reveals Xemnas’s intentions before dying peacefully in Roxas’s arms, restoring half of Sora’s memories, the other half being with Roxas. As a result, however, she fades from everyone’s memories and Roxas can no longer recall who she is as she is fading away from him.

Roxas does remember what he’s been told about the Organization, and returns to The World that Never Was with the intention of destroying Kingdom Hearts and stopping them. He gains the ability to dual wield the Keyblades, but is stopped on his rampage by Sora’s friend Riku, who wants Roxas to also merge with Sora. They fight, with Roxas first overpowering Riku. Riku then gives into his darkness, giving him the power to overcome Roxas. Roxas is taken to DiZ, who digitizes him into a digital Twilight Town in order to keep him away from the Organization.

Roxas is given memories of having always been there, living a normal life with his friends, and believing he has a week of summer vacation left. With those thoughts, he wakes up and goes to meet his friends, Hayner, Pence, and Olette, at their usual spot.

Hayner is upset because things around town are going missing, and that a rival group of kids, led by Seifer, are claiming that Roxas and his friends are the thieves. Roxas suggests that they catch the thief to clear their names, and they discover that the thief has been stealing photos, and not just the physical object, but the word as well. They set off to do that, running into Seifer and his gang, and getting into a fight. Roxas wins, but is distracted by a creature that steals their camera. He follows it to the Haunted Mansion, where it attacks him and Roxas manages to summon the keyblade. He uses it to defeat the creature, which is a Nobody known as a dusk, and get the photos back. What is disconcerting is that no one else saw the thief and that all the photos are of Roxas.

The next day, Roxas tries to summon the keyblade again, but is unable to and ends up just flailing a stick around. He ends up letting go of the stick, and it flies into a person in a black coat, who leaves suddenly. Roxas is confused, but then meets up with his friends and they go to earn money to go to the beach, stopping only to admire a poster for the upcoming Struggle tournament, where Hayner and Roxas vow to make it to the finals together. However, on their way to the train station, Roxas encounters the guy in the black coat again, who steals the money that he was holding onto. They are prevented from going to the beach, and instead have to eat ice cream on the clock tower. Again, no one sees this thief except for Roxas, who can only wonder what is going on.

On the third day, Roxas goes to meet his friends again, determined to go to the beach. He meets Pence and Olette before the world freezes and Roxas encounters Namine, who says she wanted to meet Roxas. The world unfreezes and Roxas ends up running away from his friends to follow Namine. His way to the Haunted Mansion is blocked by Dusks, who chase him into the sandlot where Seifer and his friends are. Roxas starts fighting them, and goes through a Dive into the Heart sequence. At the end, he meets Namine, who introduces herself, but before she can say anything more, or answer any questions, the guy in the black coat throws out Roxas. He awakens back at the Sandlot, to see his friends upset that he was seemingly hanging out with Seifer that day, rather than going to the beach with them. Roxas goes to apologize, suggesting they go to the beach tomorrow. Hayner says he has somewhere else to be, and Roxas belatedly remembers the tournament.

Roxas makes it to the tournament and ends up fighting Hayner in the semi-finals. They reconcile and Roxas wins. Vivi fights Seifer in the second round, and wins in a move that surprises everyone. Seifer says that’s not Vivi and leaves. Just as Roxas is about to win, the world freezes again, and Vivi reveals himself to be a Dusk, or the Dusk was pretending to be Vivi. Anyways, Roxas fights them off and wins, but the world doesn’t freeze. Instead, Axel, who Roxas doesn’t remember, confronts Roxas. Axel seems to know about him, and isn’t providing any answers beyond the fact that Roxas is coming with him, conscious or not. They fight and Roxas wins, but immediately afterword, DiZ shows up, saying that Axel speaks nonsense. Roxas is caught between the two of them, horribly confused. He calls out the names of his friends, and the world unfreezes, showing Roxas to be the victor.

Later, Roxas and his friends go to the clock tower, where they split the prize of the struggle tournament, four jewels from the trophy. Olette is about to share ice cream with them, when Roxas slips and falls off the clocktower. As he falls, he has a conversation with Kairi, mistaking her for Namine. She tries to get Sora’s name from him, but only manages a hint. It is revealed afterwards, that Roxas only came into contact with Kairi because of Namine, and that affected Sora, who is currently sleeping.

On the fifth day, Roxas and Co. do their homework, which involves investigating the seven wonders of Twilight Town. Most of the wonders turn out to be perfectly explainable, but each one that Roxas investigates seems to be a bit more than that. The final wonder is the Mysterious Ghost train, a train with no passengers, driver or conductor. They watch for the train, but Roxas is the only one who can see it, even when they get to the station, where it vanishes. Roxas is understandably confused. They return home to work on their paper, and Roxas learns that the seventh wonder is at the Haunted Mansion.

He goes there with Pence, and ends up meeting Namine. Namine tells him how she has been fixing Sora’s memories and that he is connected to Sora. In order for Sora to wake up, he needs Roxas. She also tells him that he was never meant to exist, leaving Roxas with more questions than ever before.

On the sixth day, Roxas awakes up after a night of fitful sleep. He heads to the usual spot, but when he tries to talk to Hayner, Pence, and Olette, they ignore him, and his hands go right through them when he tries to touch them to get their attention. He later looks at a picture that was of all four of them, but he isn’t even in the picture. He leaves, and runs into Axel. Axel has been given orders to destroy Roxas if he doesn’t come with him, but Roxas tries to bluff his way through, reminding Axel that they are best friends. Axel tests Roxas with a question, but Roxas doesn’t know the answer, and they end up clashing again. However, the world freezes and Roxas receives a command to head to the Haunted mansion.

At the mansion, Roxas goes into the room where he earlier talked to Namine, and his memories start to return, particularly of Organization XIII. He asks Namine what will happen to him, but she disappears before she can answer. Instead, DiZ appears, telling Roxas that he doesn’t need to, nor does he have the right to, know. Namine comes back, but all Roxas gets from her is that he’ll disappear. She doesn’t have time to explain further as DiZ takes her away, but she tells him that they’ll meet again and that they can talk then.

Roxas continues to explore the mansion, eventually finding the computer terminal that DiZ used, and more of his memories come back. He remembers that he was placed into a digital version of Twilight Town, to keep him away from Organization XIII until Namine was done rechaining Sora’s memories. In a rage, he destroys the computer terminal.

Roxas encounters Axel one more time. While he truly remembers his friend this time, it’s too late, and they fight again. Roxas wins, and Axel says that they’ll meet again in the next life. Roxas says he’ll be waiting, and Axel fades away.

He continues into the mansion, finding pods with Donald and Goofy sleeping in them, and eventually coming to where Sora sleeps. He confronts DiZ, who appears only as a projection. Realizing he is defeated, Roxas finally returns to Sora, saying that he’s lucky. Roxas’s summer vacation is over.

It is from this point that Roxas will be taken into the game.

Personality:Roxas is a Nobody, and more specifically, he is the nobody of the series protagonist, Sora. As such, he contains many similar personality traits to Sora, but in a more muted capacity to his other. Being connected to Sora also allows Roxas to feel a range of emotions, usually in extremes, making him unique, as nobodies should not be able to feel emotions, lacking the hearts that enable people to do so.

While he can be considered Sora’s other half, this does not mean that Roxas acts as Sora’s opposite. Rather, as mentioned before, it is as if Sora’s outgoing and happy-go-lucky personality is muted. Like Sora, Roxas is very devoted and loyal to his friends, and is shown to be quite happy when he is with them, laughing and being at ease. He also is shown to be kind, for example, he often helps Xion when they are on joint missions together. He also doesn’t like to have his friends worry about him. He also shares Sora’s dislike of people trying to manipulate him or bend him to their will. Such actions usually result in strong rebellion. At the same time, he lacks Sora’s lust for life, and optimism, looking at the world with a dark cloud hanging over it, particularly in terms of his own existence. Who he is, whether or not he’s supposed to exist, and why the keyblade chose him are all questions that weigh heavily on Roxas’s mind. They have not, however, stopped him from desiring a life of his own. He can be rather selfish in that regard, but not selfish enough that he won’t go back to Sora when the time comes.

However, Roxas has an active dislike of people comparing him to Sora, something he reacts to with great anger, and this leads into the fact that Roxas has a very short temper. He is quick to anger and stands his ground in a fight. This anger blinds him to reason and he becomes very focused on venting his anger rather than anything else. He is fiercely independent and tends to rebel against his place in the world, and he will actively seek out answers rather than sit around and wait for them to come to him. The questions mentioned earlier are all driving forces for Roxas’ motivations, and he is determined to find the answers, regardless of the truths they might reveal to him, or if means breaking away from his friends for a time.

While these motivations do make him reckless, Roxas at the same time can be seen as solemn and melancholy, as he contemplates the mysteries he is faced with. He’s more of a thinker, trying to be smart about his actions unless angered, in which all bets are off. He’s less concerned with heroics and saving the world, as that’s Sora’s department. Roxas would be much happier with living his own life.

Abilities: As he is connected to Sora, Roxas inherited the ability to wield the Keyblade, and can dual wield it as well. While at the canon point I’m taking him from, he has no memory of it, Roxas does have the ability to use magic, including spells such as Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure.
He also is pretty good at skateboarding and eating large quantities of ice cream.

At this point, Roxas has unlocked his dual keyblades, Oathkeeper and Oblivion, though he also has access to the Kingdom Key. That will probably be the one he summons most often, unless under moments of extreme emotions.


First Person Sample:

Threads with Xion, Hayner, Natalia, Emizel, Wadananohara

Third Person Sample:
Emotions had always been something Roxas didn’t understand.

When he was in the Organization, he had been told that, as a Nobody, he didn’t feel things. They were just the memories of what he had felt in the past, but not real emotions. However, there were times when Roxas was undeniably angry or sad and they didn’t feel like memories. They felt real, and not like memories. But no one could, or would, give him answers, so he’d had to leave to find things out for himself. Even if that had hurt.

In the digital world, he assumed he was normal. Normal people had emotions. He felt happy when he was playing with his friends, upset when he disappointed them, sad when he had to say goodbye. And those had felt just as real as well, even if everything else in that world was fake. (He frowned at those thoughts. The wound was still too fresh to think about them without some bitterness).

And then he’d wound up here, in this new world. Where emotions were more than just feelings, they were practically forces of nature. He had to work to keep his emotions in check in case he accidently caused another earthquake like when he had first arrived. But did this prove that he had them? And by extension, that he had a heart? Roxas wasn’t sure if it was worth it to hope just yet.

Emotions were weird, Roxas decided, getting up. He’d lain around for most of the day and that wasn’t going to help him. That was enough thinking and now it was time for action. Roxas was fairly certain he’d seen a library or something not too far away. Perhaps that was the best place to start.

None at the moment.
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[OOC Information]
Name: Megan
Age: 23
AIM/Plurk/Dreamwidth/Email: urbaninja on plurk and dreamwidth
What characters do you already play here, if any? North Dakota and Theta
How did you hear about the game? I already play here

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Namine went home.

[That's all that needs to be said really. Roxas doesn't want to believe it but that's the reality. They'd been travelling together, and they were going to explore Kanto together like they did Johto, and now. Now he's on his own again.

It's weird.

He hasn't felt like this in a long time, doesn't really know what to do with the emotions setting in on him.

It hurts. And he misses her.]
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[The video opens on Roxas. He looks a bit worn out and kind of slumped.]

For anyone who has a Joltik, just so you know. They get bigger when they evolve.

[He lifts to camera up to show a Galvantura sitting happily on Roxas's head while Sparky is chattering at him to get down. The Galvantura shows no signs of moving, but rather settles in further, it's front legs coming down in front of Roxas's face. He attempts to brush them out of the way to no avail.]

A lot bigger.

[Private Text to Namine]

Here )

[Private Text to Sora]

Here )

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[Today's video starts in the woods, being propped up by some tree branches. It's recording a pokemon battle.

Roxas stands in a battle position with Joltik on his head, Sparky the Pikachu on his right and Xion the Luxray on the left. They're facing down a rather larger hoard of nidorans, yanmas, growlithes, and various other wild pokemon in the area. If anyone gets a good look at Roxas, they would notice a yellow glow about him, as well as the fact that his hair is defying gravity more than usual.

There's a pause for a moment and then battle is on. There's electricity flying everywhere and Roxas is in the thick of things, tossing out electric attacks with the best of them. Thunderwave and thunderbolt and spark and it's amazing that the forest is largely intact after this fight.

The dust finally settles and Roxas goes to face the gear.]

I was feeling better, so I went out to train and that happened. Next thing I know, I'm able to use pokemon attacks and wild pokemon are coming after me like crazy.

[He looks over his shoulder to see more pokemon coming. He raises his hand and it crackles with electricity. The screen starts wavering and making a weird popping, static sound before it cuts out.]

What exactly's go---[kzzzt! sshkshkshskshk!]

[ooc: So Roxas shorted out his gear. Any video responses will come several hours later as he had to ask Namine to get him a new gear. Hopefully, rubber gloves will prevent him from doing that again. For action, he's in and around Goldenrod.]
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[Today's video starts with a Pikachu.

The gear was left on the bed and so clearly, that meant it was time for the Sparky show! So, have Sparky the Pikachu waving at you. And making a few faces. Because that's clearly what the gear is for. However, Sparky soon grows bored of making faces and carries the gear over to the window.

Shakey camera will eventually reveal Roxas sitting at a desk, writing. It's hard to see what because with the way Sparky's dragging the gear, the image is all weird. Eventually, however, it evens out. Parts of the writing can be seen, but not a lot.]


I don't really know what to call you. I've really just known you as the guy in red, so we'll go with that.

I don't know why I'm writing to you, but I guess there's some things that need to be said, and since you're not here, I'll have to say them somewhere.

Two years ago, you trapped me in a digital world, made me think I had a life, friends, and that I was normal. You took me away from the life I had, gave me another one, and then tried to take both of them away. Because I wasn't supposed to exist. Because I wasn't light, I was darkness, and I belonged with Sora.

Well, your plan failed and I ended up in Johto. And what you said still stuck with me. That I wasn't supposed to be there, that I didn't matter.

But I've learned some things since then. I've learned that I do matter, that I do deserve to exist. I've made friends, I've got a goal, and that I'm just as much a person as anyone else, heart, or no heart. And one of those friends is Sora, and he agrees with me. I've got a life again, and this time, no one can take it away from me.

So I guess that's what I wanted to say. That I'm here, I'm existing, and I damn well deserve to. And if someday I do end up leaving Johto and going home, what happens then will be on my terms. Not yours. But I don't plan on coming back any time soon.}

[Roxas stops writing, and the gear shifts to show a shiny Rising Badge, a picture of a smiling Roxas and his team, and one more sentence]

{It's been 713 days. I'm still here.}

[ooc: Responses will probably come shortly after this, once Roxas realizes Sparky was recording. How much of the letter is seen can depend on your character. Thanks for 2 years everyone :D]

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[Johto's acting weird again. It's something Roxas has grown used to in his near two years of living there. It's the first time he's been transported though. Not that he went far. When the light fades, Roxas finds himself on top of the Bell Tower in Ecruteak City.]

Wow. You can see all of Johto from here!

[It's a pretty amazing sight, and it doesn't look like any monks have noticed that Roxas is up there, so he's just going to enjoy it. There's a small tug at his pant leg, and he has a Pikachu passing him a sea salt ice cream bar. Best thing for a day like today.]

Never thought I'd end up here. I wonder if that legendary will show up?

[That legendary he is wondering about is, of course, Ho-oh. But there doesn't seem to be any sign. Just a curious little Azelf floating behind his head. And reaching out to steal Roxas's ice cream.]

Hey! Give that back!


[Nope. Azelf's just gonna float away with the ice cream, leaving Roxas no choice but to chase after it. Someone want to give him a hand? Or not?]
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[The video opens on a sunset, though it's a bit hard to see. Roxas has climbed onto the roof of the pokemon center, since that seems to be the tallest building around in Mahogany. After a moment, Roxas's hand moves into the camera, holding a newly won Glacier badge. He admires it, and the way it glitters in the sunlight. He hasn't won a badge in a while, so this is a feel good moment.]

Just one more to go. For Johto anyway.

It's too bad Mahogany town doesn't really have taller buildings. You can't really see the sunset from here.

[There's a pause]

Haven't heard this music in a long time.

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The chocolates that showed up with the eggs are safe to eat right? They're not gonna do anything weird to anyone or anything, are they?

[Because he's been staring at them warily for four days and he feels like he needs a reward of some sort. Travelling Mount Mortar and all.]

Uh, sorry if I bothered anyone, last week. Something weird was going on. I don't think I was myself.

[Filtered to Aqua (after much fighting with the pokegear)]

Can I talk to you?
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[Christmas is one of those weird holidays for Roxas. He just sort of goes through the motions rather than actually getting anything meaningful from the season (though he may one year. If someone can explain to him what Christmas is all about). Last Christmas was actually pretty nice, when he thinks about it. This Christmas...this year he's a little bit...well, he's back to being melancholy]

[The video feed shows Roxas looking kind of morosely out a window. There's a pile of presents, that he hasn't opened yet because he got stuck on the first one, beside him on his bed. But his focus is on a simple popsicle stick, with the word "Winner" on it. Roxas's memories are still fuzzy but this one sticks out. It's making him think of a lot of things. Of Axel, mostly, but also of the fact that he can't remember Xion (at least, in terms of the past), of his friends, virtual as they were, from Twilight Town, of friends that were in Johto but aren't anymore.]

Why is this here?
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So here are Christmas presents for both Roxas and Barney's CR from them. I'm putting Barney's list here to keep things neat and not spam flists.


Anyways, Roxas's gifts:

Roxas's Gift )

Barney's Gifts:

Barney's Gifts )

And if you've talked to Barney you're probably going to get something small, like a Candy cane or some hot chocolate mix. Because he's a nice guy who likes to spread holiday cheer.

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[And business it is indeed. Given that Roxas is hanging out in Goldenrod for the holidays, he might as well be working. Which is where he is this time around, working at the Goldenrod Department store.

He doesn't really notice the light of fourth wall breakage this time around, being a bit more focused on stocking shelves with Christmas things. He pauses only for a moment to stare at a thing of pokemon elf ears, wondering what sort of trainer would try to humiliate their pokemon with these thing.

The next thing he knows, he's standing in a room full of Pikachu and Pichu and where did all of these rodents come from and what does he do about it?]

Where did you all...come from?


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